Mini-split Installation Cost Guide

Mini-split ACs happens to be an excellent choice for modern homes. While the cost of these ACs is higher than window ACs, they offer a more affordable solution compared to central AC systems. Compared to window ACs, mini-split ACs have an edge in several ways. They are quieter, less obstructive, and more energy-efficient. Most importantly, they won’t block your windows like window ACs.

At Hurliman Heating, we provide affordable ductless mini-split ACs for our clients, depending on their required configuration and budget. In this article, we will discuss how much you need to install mini-split ACs.

The installation cost of ductless mini-split ACs

The installation cost of ductless mini-split ACs ranges from $2,000 to $5,000, depending on the configuration. Compared to a central AC, this cost is much lower than a central AC, given that you don’t have ductwork in place. The number of sections or units you install in different parts of the house determines the overall installation cost. In general, the number of heads or cooling zones determines the installation cost.

The average cost should be around $3,900, and you need to shell out another $2,000 for each additional zone you want to cool.

What does the installation cost of mini-split ACs include?

Labor costs make up most of the installation charges of ductless ACs. You need to work closely with an established HVAC company to position your unit in the right place. We generally recommend mounting the outdoor unit in your yard on a concrete slab. Besides, our experts run the refrigerant lines by cutting a hole in the wall. Accordingly, they set up the electrical connections and wiring between the outdoor and indoor units.

In this context, it makes sense to factor in the installation charges of the technician. While calculating the labor costs and time, it’s easy to overlook allied tasks like removing the existing AC. At Hurliman Heating, we dispose off electrical wastes safely.

Factors influencing the cost of mini-split AC installation

The size of your home and the number of cooling zones directly affect the price of installing a mini-split AC. When you have more cooling areas or zones, you need to devise separate mechanisms in these places. However, there are other aspects to factor in, like rebates and electrical upgrades. Once you reach out to us for a quote, you can get an all-inclusive installation cost estimate.

A survey based in the USA and Canada reveals that the cost of purchasing and installing a mini-split AC system can range from $7,000 to $12,000. It all depends on the number of cooling zones you need.

So, considering your rebates, the cost of purchasing and installing a mini-split AC would be around $12,000. The factors affecting cost differences include additional equipment, parts, and labor. With more cooling zones, you need more of these investments. As you consider adding indoor units, be prepared to shell more on the outdoor unit, which needs more power. The single-zone models are relatively less expensive to install, while adding each mini-split unit costs around $1,000 to $2,000 extra.

For instance, your house may be big enough to require four to five cooling zones. You also need to consider the distance of these zones from the outdoor unit. Among other accessories, it’s imperative to factor in drainage lines, refrigerant, and electricity costs. Also, with more cooling zones, you need a large number of holes in the ceilings and walls for the wires to pass. These masonry tasks may add up to another $5,000 in some homes.

Rebates and incentives to benefit from

If you are someone who supports energy-efficient and eco-friendly cooling solutions, you can benefit from rebates and incentives for installing mini-split ACs. A survey reveals that households can get rebates of up to $2,000 on embracing these technologies. In Massachusetts, households have even received rebates as high as $4,000. So, even if you need high upfront costs for mini-split ACs, your rebates would significantly compensate for the amount.

Do you need electrical upgrades to install a mini-split AC?

It makes sense to think beyond the hourly installation rates when you purchase a mini-split AC. Environmentally, it would be a great decision to go for a mini-split AC. These systems can help you save power by as much as 40%.

However, you need to configure the electrical systems at your home to ensure the right flow of power. Often, we assess the electrical infrastructure at our clients’ residences and recommend upgrading their electrical panels. In some cases, they also need to install new wires and circuits. Therefore, you need to factor in all these expenses.

Also, the size and capacity of other electrical appliances at your home determine the necessary electrical bandwidth while you install the AC. For instance, if you already have EV chargers, hot tubs, or water heaters in your home, you might have to upgrade the electrical system before installing your AC.

How can you reduce the cost of installing a mini-split AC?

While the cost of installing a mini-split AC is high, we recommend a tactical way to manage this cost. It would be wise to invest in air sealing and proper insulation at your home. This way, you can settle for smaller, energy-efficient units in each zone. First, get an energy audit from a home performance constrictor. We can guide you on how you can go with lower-capacity units in well-insulated homes.

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