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A Family Legacy

Hurliman Heating and Air Conditioning was started as a small sheet metal shop in 1957 by Joe and Emma Lou Hurliman in the little farming town of Othello, WA serving a population of less than 1,000.

In addition to the sheet metal shop, Joe and Emma Lou also had a hay and cattle operation. They had 6 children, (3 boys and 3 girls) that grew up used to life on the farm and in the sheet metal shop.

The youngest of the siblings, John Hurliman, started working in the shop along with his brothers at 14 years old after riding his bike home from school in addition to being a hand on the family farm. At age 15, John began installing HVAC equipment and he worked in the family business throughout high school. John met his future wife, Darlene in Othello during this time and they became high school sweethearts.

The business operated in Othello until 1984 when it was temporarily shut down. John went on to join the sheet metal workers union and was able to become a journeyman at 17 years old. He spent several years traveling around the United States working on coal and nuclear power plants.

In 1994, John and Darlene decided to re-open the family business in the larger market of Spokane, WA. They moved all of John’s father’s old equipment to Spokane, set up shop in a garage, and Hurliman was born again.

The business stayed at a modest size until 2007 when John started taking on more employees and larger projects. Every year after, Hurliman grew at a significant rate, proudly serving the great people of Spokane. In addition to installing HVAC systems in homes, Hurliman worked on schools, libraries, apartments, and other commercial buildings all over Spokane and the surrounding areas.

In 2021, John and Darlene Hurliman decided to retire from the business. They came in contact with a young couple from Montana who were looking to get into the HVAC industry, and a deal was struck.

In January 2022, Kylon and Teliah Gienger took over the operations of the business. They have been focused on continuing to grow the business and also implementing systems, technology, and additional team members to ensure that the Hurliman legacy grows and endures.

Although Hurliman has grown and reshaped over the years, it still pays homage to its humble beginnings. We pride ourselves on keeping our word, putting our employees and customer first, and constantly improving our craft. You can view our S.E.R.V.E. core values here. 

What make us different

Turn to the Professionals Over 65+ Years of Experience.
Proudly Serving Spokane Valley and Surrounding Areas.
Our Genuine Care for Your Comfort

It’s one thing to provide a professional service. It’s another to deliver it with genuine care. Not only do we strive to maintain the loving reputation we have, but we’re also working with the belief that comfort should be affordable.

Our Top-Quality Service

When you get a Spokane HVAC-related installation, repair, maintenance, or inspection service from Hurliman, you get a solution that will stand the test of time. Our goal is to deliver a level of service that thrills you so much you just have to tell someone about it.

Our Seasoned Experience

For over 66 years, we’ve provided top-quality heating and air conditioning installation and repair services. This has allowed us to develop a rock-solid system for consistently thrilling our customers with solutions that work at great prices.

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