The Importance of HVAC Maintenance

Prioritizing the need for climate control within your residential or commercial space, you must have invested in a sophisticated HVAC system. While this purchase is a one-time investment, you must ensure proper maintenance by working with the HVAC experts. We at Hurliman Heating recommend at least two annual maintenance services. Along with this, we often recommend a pre-summer tune-up to keep your HVAC system optimally functional.

Timely maintenance and servicing prolong the lifeline of your HVAC appliance. In the end, you won’t repent shelling out massive repair expenses. In this article, we have discussed why HVAC maintenance matters and when you should get it done.

What does HVAC maintenance include?

Being experienced HVAC professionals, we take care of the following components as a part of our routine maintenance services.

  • Thorough cleaning of the drains, coils, and fins

  • Inspecting the motor operations, connections, and the functioning of the thermostat

  • Checking the pressure and level of the refrigerant and refilling the same

  • Assuring safety controls through various tests

  • Keeping the moving parts well-lubricated

  • Assessing the thermostat setting to ensure optimal indoor comfort

  • Inspecting electrical connections and voltage

  • Examining the condensate drain to keep it clog-free

  • Inspecting the outdoor unit and removing dirt and debris

  • Evaluating the performance of the blades and motor of the fan to keep them damage-free

  • Replacing air filters every three or four months to ensure healthy indoor air quality

Benefits of maintaining your HVAC system

1. Reduced energy consumption

Your AC or heater accounts for a significant chunk of your energy bills. Unless you optimize the system’s performance, you will be paying high electricity bills. Our preventive maintenance packages include a thorough inspection and test of the system. Trained personnel working with us clean different parts of the HVAC system. This way, they assure low energy consumption.

With all the components up and running, your AC won’t be toiling excessively hard. This would exert less stress on the system, and this would reflect in lower energy bills. For instance, dirty air filters clog the airflow in your system. Naturally, your AC would have to work overtime to cool your interiors. Excess pressure on the system also leads to premature wearing of its parts.

2. Avoid expensive repairs

The last thing to expect amidst the sultry summer months is an AC breakdown. Unscheduled repairs to your AC can cost thousands of dollars. We often come across owners repenting their decision to skip the annual maintenance services. Hiring a professional HVAC expert can help you detect problematic components. They would replace these components before the situation aggravates beyond the affordable range.

For instance, replacing dirty air filters won’t cost you much. However, avoiding this service can make the compressor work harder, eventually robbing your AC or its lifespan. Ultimately, when your compressor starts malfunctioning, you won’t like shelling out hundreds of dollars to get it repaired.

3. Enjoy better comfort

While most people believe that HVAC systems are responsible for maintaining indoor temperature, they tend to overlook their role in humidity control. The comfort you cherish inside your home or workplace largely depends on the temperature and humidity. Through regular maintenance, you can rest assured that your HVAC system’s features will remain properly functional.

The indoor comfort also depends on how well your AC distributes the cool or warm air inside your home. As a part of our preventive maintenance service, we inspect the ductwork and clean it if necessary. Regular maintenance also ensures that noises in your HVAC system won’t bother you during your sleep.

4. Enhanced safety

While you expect enhanced comfort from your HVAC system, they, too, deserve timely maintenance. Have you considered the possibility of damaged parts leading to short circuits and, eventually, a fire? AC fires often stem from the lack of timely maintenance. Whether you have these systems at your home or office, you would be putting the lives of people nearby at risk.

Our technicians stringently inspect the functional components of your AC. Accordingly, they identify possible issues with the worn-out parts that can potentially lead to fires.

On the other hand, oil or gas furnaces emit carbon dioxide. Unless your home is properly ventilated, it will accumulate this harmful gas. During routine maintenance, our technicians inspect proper gas venting and ensure safety.

5. Keep your warranty valid

All HVAC appliances come with warranty coverage. However, to benefit from the privileges of this warranty, you need to furnish proof of your annual maintenance services. Failing to follow up on the maintenance schedule can turn your warranty void.

Now, if some of the major components of your AC, such as the compressor, fail, you wouldn’t like to make out-of-pocket repairs. So, it would be wise to follow up on your maintenance schedule to ensure that your manufacturer doesn’t void the warranty.

6. Prolong the AC’s life

Branded HVAC appliances cost thousands of dollars. While you make this investment, you would expect a long lifeline from the appliances. Proper upkeep and professional consultation help the system achieve the desired lifespan.

In general, a well-maintained AC should last more than 20 years. We also recommend upgrades and retrofit systems from time to time. This ensures that your appliance remains up to date with the latest technology. This significantly prolongs the durability of HVAC systems.


In the US, around 5,000 people need to be hospitalized due to carbon monoxide poisoning every year. Besides, it leads to the death of 400 people every year. Malfunctioning of HVAC systems can lead to this issue. That’s why we recommend installing smoke and CO2 detectors in new HVAC systems. With professional maintenance, we can create a safe and secure indoor environment at your home or office.

While most households take their HVAC systems for granted, we recommend timely follow-ups. Ultimately, the benefit is all yours, ranging from lower utility bills, safer homes, and long-lasting components to validate your warranty.

Feel free to knock us at Hurliman Heating for the best quotes for HVAC maintenance services. We assure affordable and quality services to warrant you much-needed mental peace.

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