7 Common Reasons Why Your AC Is Not Cooling Properly

With the summer breathing fire, your AC might struggle to cool the indoor air adequately. Well, you are not alone. As much as 20% to 30% of households complain of their HVAC systems not cooling the homes properly. At times, you might find the indoor temperature shooting to as high as 90°F. Despite shelling out higher energy bills, you would be sweating with inadequate home cooling.

At Hurliman Heating, we specialize in diagnosing, maintaining, and repairing all types of ACs. In case you are frustrated with your AC not cooling the indoor space, feel free to give us a knock.

Let’s find out potential reasons for why your AC might not be cooling as well as it should be.

Common factors leading to inadequate cooling of your indoor space

Several issues can lead to inadequate cooling; we have comprehensively discussed these below.

1. Poor heat insulation

To cool down your interiors efficiently, ensure to eliminate unnecessary heat sources in the first place. For instance, you might have direct sunbeams streaming through your window panes. Use thick dark curtains to cut off these heat sources. Improper sealing around your doors and windows can also lead to poor insulation.

We recommend our clients to install reflective drapes or tinted glass to reflect heat away. This way, you can relieve your AC of unnecessary load while it struggles to cool your interiors.

2. Dirt condenser coils and filters

Dirty condenser coils and filters happen to be the most common reason for ACs failing to deliver the desired temperature. We recommend replacing these air filters once every three months. As the AC operates, the air filters collect dirt, dust, lint, and pet dander. Ultimately, these undesirable elements clog the air filters, subjecting the thermostat to excessive stress. Besides, dust in the filters clogs cool air from passing through the ducts.

A dirty air filter can also lead to the freezing of the evaporator coil. This also prevents cool air from passing out through the system. With professional support, you can clean and replace the air filters at the right time.

3. Dirty outdoor unit

An unclean outdoor unit might also be preventing your AC from functioning normally. The function of the evaporator or the indoor unit is to absorb the environmental heat indoors and transfer the same to the outdoor unit or condenser. This unit condenses this heated air to cool ones. In case the condenser becomes clogged, it would prevent proper cooling of the AC. Often, unclean outdoor units have dirt and debris blocking heat transfer.

To ensure that your AC gets adequate breathing room, make sure to remove the dirt, debris, and weed around it. Reach out to us for professional AC maintenance services, and our experts will do the needful.

4. Low level of refrigerant

Inadequate cooling often stems from issues like a low refrigerant level in your AC. The function of this fluid is to absorb heat from the ambient air. So, if your AC runs low on refrigerant level, you might experience improper cooling of the indoor space.

Our experts inspect the refrigerant level and refill the same during inspections. This way, you won’t encounter problems like your AC blowing hot air. Timely upkeep holds the secret to warding this issue away.

Sometimes, you might hear bubbling or hissing noises from your AC. Besides, you might notice ice accumulating on the outdoor unit. These are common signs when you need to count on professional HVAC experts to address heating issues.

5. Damaged compressor

The compressor of your AC continues to be the most vital component of the system. In case you have overlooked the routine maintenance for long enough, the compressor might have sustained damage. Besides, old ACs encounter compressor issues naturally.

The compressor is a motor responsible for compressing and circulating the coolant or refrigerant through the condenser and evaporator coils. Naturally, if the compressor isn’t in proper shape, you cannot expect your AC to live up to your expectations.

In case you have compressor problems, the only solution is to replace it. You would need an experienced HVAC professional to do the needful. In case your AC is old enough, we recommend you get a new system altogether.

6. Faulty motors

The fan motor of your AC might be faulty or broken. If this happens, the outdoor unit fails to dissipate the accumulated heat. This eventually interferes with the AC’s cooling powers. This explains why our HVAC technicians inspect the fan motors of your AC when you complain of inadequate cooling. Detecting a faulty fan motor isn’t a layman’s task. So, it would be wise to seek professional support from our end to address this issue.

7. Wrong AC capacity

Well, one of the common blunders homeowners make while sticking to budget purchases is to settle for an undersized AC. Besides, you might have overlooked professional consultation from an HVAC company before choosing the configuration.

If the AC’s capacity is insufficient to cool the interiors, you might experience inadequate cooling. Often, we find 1 or 1.5-ton ACs in large rooms where you would need at least 2-ton AC. Naturally, the wrong size of the cooling units fails to cater to the desired temperature requirements in peak summer.

8. Wrong AC location

Apart from the issues, you may also encounter inadequate cooling issues due to a faulty installation or improper placement. While installing AC, we ensure the placement is right, so the system can cool your interiors properly. For instance, installing your AC just adjacent to heavy furniture can block the airflow in your room. Likewise, you need to mount the AC at the right height from the floor.

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