Ductless Mini Split Pros And Cons

Do you hate having messy AC ducts around your walls? It’s time to explore the perks of ductless mini-split ACs. Flexible and practical, we have been installing these intelligent cooling solutions in homes and offices around your city. At Hurliman Heating, we recommend highly energy-saving solutions to do away with your central cooling system.

If you are not in a position to bear with the inconvenience of ducts, we can recommend the best ductless mini split AC to you. However, let’s explore the advantages and a few drawbacks of these systems at the outset.

How does a ductless mini-split AC work?

Just like a central air conditioning system, ductless mini-split ACs come devoid of air ducts. However, the operational mechanism of these ACs is different from the central AC. The mini-split ACs deploy a small air handler for each room. Therefore, they segregate your indoor space into small zones or blocks and regulate their temperature accordingly. This makes them more energy-efficient since you might not want to cool all the chambers simultaneously. Besides, it is possible to adjust the temperature you want in each block or zone.

You need to mount the air handler on the walls. There’s no need for ducts as the system functions. The wall-mounted handlers directly infuse each room with hot or cold air, as desired.

However, if you have large open floor plans in your home, a ductless mini-split AC won’t be the most viable solution.

Pros of ductless mini split ACs

Now, let’s delve into the strategic benefits of installing ductless mini-split ACs in your residential or commercial space.

     1. Flexible design configurations

For small homes and commercial spaces, ductless mini-split ACs offer plenty of flexibility.

You can mount these accessories on the walls. Besides, we also install them on the ceilings in case you have space constraints. You may even consult us if you want to get your ductless mini split AC on the floor.

Most of these appliances come with a depth of 7 inches. Therefore, they won’t take up too much space in your home. With lots of installation options available, we can guide you on the most practical ways to install your AC.

Besides, our experts will recommend the best position for the handlers so that your furniture doesn’t interfere with the circulation of conditioned air. For instance, we recommend mounting the air handlers above the head level. So, even if you decide to shuffle your furniture later, they won’t block the airflow.

     2. Installation is easy

Well, do you recall installing a ducted AC or extending the current one? The process requires you to tear up your walls and the attic. The process turns out to be messy, highly expensive, and laborious. Moreover, inexperienced installers might end up damaging your home.

With ductless mini split ACs, the construction work gets limited to a small hole in the wall. This three-inch hole establishes the connection between the outdoor condenser and the indoor handler. We can install these systems in a few hours. No wonder you save plenty of time and money with this simpler installation process.

     3. Better zoning capability

With ductless split ACs, you reserve the liberty to set different temperatures in each part of your home. So, if you want your bedroom to be chillier than your dining space, these ductless systems are for you.

In winter, bedrooms on the ground floor can turn out to be a little chilly. With these adjustable ACs, you can set the temperature a little higher downstairs. This ensures that you won’t end up overheating other rooms. Likewise, you can set the temperature low on the top floors in summer without freezing the rest of your home.

Therefore, ductless split ACs are ideal for your home under the following conditions.

  • You have at least two floors in your home

  • The rooms in your home have high ceilings

  • You have basements, garages, and other room additions

  • You have bay windows or picture windows

     4. Quiet systems

Ductless produce a low noise level, just around 19 dB. These systems come devoid of the indoor unit or fans that generally contribute to an indoor buzz. Moreover, ductless split ACs don’t come with ducts that can produce clanging noises when the temperature changes.

In addition, these sophisticated appliances do not have radiators producing pinging or popping noises. So, you get to enjoy a much quieter indoor ambiance. The outdoor units produce around 60dB, which is quite normal.

Cons of ductless mini split ACs

While the perks of ductless mini split ACs look overwhelming, make sure to be informed of their downsides before you make the purchase.

  • On hotter days, ductless mini split ACs won’t cool open-plan floors. Due to the absence of ducts, you would feel uncomfortable in case the indoor temperature soars.

  • Unless you find a reliable installer like Hurliman Heating, installing these sophisticated systems can be a problem. You might end up spending more than usual in the installation process.

  • Although they are more cost-effective than central AC, you must shell out a high upfront cost when purchasing them. Besides, you need professional hands to maintain these systems over time.

  • Some ductless mini-split ACs come with two outdoor condenser units. This requires more space to get these units installed.

  • If your rooms have an irregular layout or low ceiling height, these ACs are not for you.

  • Ductless mini-split ACs need a dedicated electricity source for the compressor station and the outdoor condenser unit. If you live in a rented apartment or condo, the landlord might object to making exterior modifications.


Although you have a few downsides of ductless mini split ACs, the strategic advantages easily outweigh these issues. If your property doesn’t have open floor plans, you can consult us and get the best system recommended. Our experts at Hurliman Heating also provide professional installation, maintenance, and repair services. Feel free to reach out to us for professional consultation regarding the choice of your ductless mini split AC.

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