How Often Should Your HVAC Be Serviced?

How often should HVAC be serviced? The air heating and cooling units perform a simple yet essential task. Sadly, most homeowners don’t schedule maintenance of these units, thinking it is a waste of time and money. Unfortunately, lack of care leads to machine breakdowns, costing more to repair and replace.

Unlike other appliances that require servicing every three months, the HVAC is quite cheap to maintain. It requires annual maintenance to function correctly. However, you should not wait until the year ends if you suspect some damage to your unit.

During maintenance, the experts check the electrical and mechanical components to ensure no signs of wearing down. When talking about how often to service HVAC, we will also cover the signs that your system needs servicing and the importance of the service.

How Often Should You Service Your HVAC?

Homeowners with HVAC units should schedule yearly maintenance. Servicing the unit ensures every mechanical and electrical part is working correctly. During servicing, the experts can check for signs of wearing and tearing of any parts and repair or replace them.

Although the HVAC does a simple task, running on broken mechanical parts can put other essential parts of the unit in danger. Besides, since the machine cannot run efficiently with damaged parts, it uses a lot of energy, increasing energy bills.

Most homeowners skip routine maintenance to save on cash. Others think it is unnecessary and that you should inspect these units when you notice a problem. However, although you could save some money now, your machine won’t last long.

Some homeowners will research and watch videos on servicing their HVACs. However, it is inadvisable to open up your unit if you don’t have expertise and experience. Always ensure you hire an HVAC expert to do the work. Doing it yourself can lead to warranty void and other expensive damages.

Cost Of HVAC Servicing

The cost of servicing your HVAC will depend on the unit’s size, type, and location. You could pay between $80 and $250 per servicing. However, if you are servicing other appliances like the furnace at a different time, the price could be more.

Servicing the HVAC can take two hours. These units are complicated, so you should only hire an expert to service your machine. They have a detailed checklist of parts of the system to inspect. They also do some maintenance, like clearing filters and coils.

HVAC Servicing Checklist

When you hire an HVAC expert to service your system, they come with a detailed checklist of the areas to concentrate on. The service tasks include;

  1. Inspecting the ducts and vents: The HVAC expert will check if the ducts and vents are working correctly. These system parts allow unrestricted airflow to and out of the HVAC. The expert will check for dust, debris, and mold.

  2. Cleaning the condenser and evaporator: These two parts are responsible for extracting heat energy from the indoor air. The evaporator picks up the heat from the air, and the condenser releases the heat outside.

  3. Checking the filters and cleaning them because they get dirty fast. They trap dust, pet dander, and other pollutants to ensure clean indoor air. Homeowners should clean or replace HVAC filters regularly.

  4. Checking the drain lines and cleaning the pans: Humidity trapped by the HVAC from the air cools and drops in the drain pan. Some mold could grow in the pan, causing odor in the air.

  5. Checking if the thermostat is functioning properly: The thermostat should be set correctly for the air conditioner to work effectively.

  6. Lubricating mechanical parts: The air conditioning unit works many hours a day. As a result, the moving parts could get dry and rub against each other, leading to breakdowns.

  7. Check the electrical connection of the machine.

Signs Your HVAC Needs Servicing

After homeowners understand how often HVAC maintenance should be done, some neglect their systems until they are due for inspection. Sometimes the system can show signs it needs servicing. If you notice these signs, call your HVAC expert immediately.

     1. HVAC Blowing Warm Air In The Rooms

The HVAC should make the indoors comfortable by cooling or warming the air depending on the season. If your air cooling system is blowing hot air into the rooms during summer, it has a problem. In that case, these HVAC summer tips can help you.

Ensure the filters are clean for the proper functioning of the unit. Call an HVAC expert to check the problem if you recently changed the filters. You should then adhere to your servicing schedule to avoid such issues.

     2. High Electricity Bills

If there is a change in your annual or monthly electricity bills, the problem could be your air conditioner. When the unit has a problem, the mechanical parts struggle to work, using too much heat.

The high heat consumption causes overheating of the machine and can lead to breakdowns. However, when the mechanic comes, they will find out why your system is consuming too much heat and repair any damages.

     3. The System Is Noisier

Have you noticed more noise coming from your HVAC than the other times? The system becomes noisier when there is malfunctioning. You will hear buzzing, loud or vibration noise.

The noise scares most homeowners because they think it signifies a broken part requiring expensive repairs. Instead, call your HVAC expert immediately to inspect and correct the damage. You should also ensure your machine undergoes all the necessary maintenance yearly.

     4. Water Leakage

If there is water leakage in your HVAC, the problem could be the evaporator coils and drain pans. When there is poor water drainage in the drain pan, it starts dripping. The leaks are slow, but they could damage a wooden floor. Water leakage also causes dampness and mold growth on the walls.

Once you notice water around where the drain pan gets installed, call an HVAC expert to inspect. They will clean the drain and repair any damages.

Final Words

When buying your air cooling unit, it is important to ask “How often should HVAC be serviced?” It helps you schedule the servicing to avoid minor problems like high energy consumption and mechanical damage. Thankfully, Hurliman’s HVAC tune-up services can help keep your HVAC system in good working condition.

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