Top 7 HVAC Summer Tips for Homeowners

Summer is exciting for activities both outdoors and indoors, but all homeowners need to implement the most effective HVAC summer tips to stay comfortable. The season has high temperatures, so you can do outdoor activities like swimming, riding, and running that will help you cool off your body.

When it gets too hot, staying in the house may be uncomfortable unless you have proper cooling. Thankfully, an HVAC ensures comfort to your family by blowing cold air into the room. That being said, it’s important to take note of special tips to ensure you’re making the most out of your HVAC system and ensuring it lasts as long as possible.

Benefits of a Working HVAC System during summer

Besides the hot temperatures during summer, humidity is also high, and this causes discomfort to homeowners. Luckily, having a working HVAC system helps to reduce moisture and has other benefits. Here are some examples:

     1. Increases Comfort

An HVAC system blows cold and warm air into the rooms to ensure comfort. Since the air outside is hot during summer, you should set the system to blow cold air into the rooms. It cools the body and minds of your family members, increasing comfort.

     2. Reduce Breathing Problems

The high humidity in summer makes the air feel thick, dense, and hard to breathe. The body works harder to take in oxygen, and you may experience shortness of breath. An HVAC lowers humidity in the rooms, making the air less dense.

The less-dense air is easy to breathe, reducing the chances of asthma attacks. Besides, the filters trap pollen grains and other allergic particles, protecting family members with respiratory conditions.

     3. Reduce the Chances of Getting Heatstroke

Hot temperatures cause heat stroke, and it happens most often in summer. It can cause damage to the brain and body organs, and can even be fatal if there is no proper treatment or measures taken to prevent it.

The mind works well in particular temperatures, and when the body does not cool itself well during summer, the temperatures can have adverse effects. For example, the victim starts to hallucinate and could faint. This is due to heatstroke.

Switching on the AC blows cool air into the space, cooling the body and mind. So, the mind and body can work correctly, so there will be no chance of heatstroke.

HVAC Tips for Summer

Homeowners must know the best summer HVAC tips to enjoy the HVAC advantages during summer. First, ensure the correct room temperatures for cool air, and maintain your system for effectiveness. The other important tips are:

     1. Inspecting Your System To Ensure Correct Functioning

You can only get cool air if your HVAC system is functioning correctly. Always check it to ensure the thermostat, registers, and returns are working correctly.

Check if the cold air distribution is the same in all rooms. Some rooms have blocked return registers preventing cold air from being blown into the room. Also, check if the thermostat batteries have power and get the correct settings.

During the inspection, ensure the condensate system works perfectly. Also, check if you can see any clogs in the drain pipe because it causes mold growth and a musty smell, reducing the comfort.

     2. Clean The Filters

Your HVAC’s air filters are an essential component. They collect dirt, debris, and other harmful substances like pollen grains that could cause allergic reactions to your family members.

Check the condition of your filters monthly. Ensure you clean them regularly or change them for perfect air filtration. When the filters are dirty, the dust blows back into the HVAC and reduces its effectiveness.

When purchasing air filters, ensure you buy the correct sizes depending on your machine. You’ll also need good-quality filters to avoid changing them more regularly.

     3. Schedule Professional HVAC Maintenance

You want your HVAC system to blow cold air into your rooms during summer, so it must be perfectly working. Hire an HVAC expert to inspect your system yearly. They can detect minor problems that need repairs before the damage is too big.

When the technician comes by, they will check the system controls, the refrigerant charge, and fuel line connections. The professional will also look at the gas pressure to ensure it is in the right measures and lubricate moving parts. These are mechanical inspections that homeowners cannot perform on their own.

     4. Set The Correct Temperatures

You’ll only really cool your rooms if you set the correct cooling temperatures. Installing a programmable thermostat will be easier to regulate these temperatures because they automatically change at different times.

If you don’t know the correct temperatures for summer, ask an expert for guidance. It is also essential to get an expert’s advice when buying a thermostat because there are different types.

     5. Check The Ducts And Vents

Your systems ducts and vents are essential because they clean the air. If they are dirty or ineffective, dust will be blown back into the rooms, causing discomfort to family members.

Clean the vents and ducts’ exterior and interior to ensure no dust. You should also install quality ducts for effectiveness. If you are unsure of the best ducts, call an expert for advice.

     6. Clean The Surrounding Areas

Ensuring that the HVAC is in suitable condition and cleaning the vents and ducts is essential. However, you must also ensure the surrounding areas are clean. It ensures less dust and debris, so the vents remain clean.

You can remove dry and fallen grass and leaves to avoid duct clogs. Also, cover the AC ducts each time you do yard maintenance to prevent dust clogs. Alternatively, you can clean the ducts each time you do yard maintenance.

     7. Monitor Energy Bills

You will use your HVAC most of the time during summer, so you must check the energy usage. High HVAC energy usage can cause high energy bills. If you notice a rise in energy bills, call your HVAC expert for an inspection.

The expert will check if all the mechanical parts are functioning correctly. This is because an ineffectiveness of a part of the system can increase energy usage. You can then schedule maintenance and repairs to keep your system working correctly.

Final Words

Knowing the right HVAC summer tips helps homeowners use their AC in the right way. When carrying out system inspections, only allow experts to do them. It protects your HVAC from damage and expensive repairs. Thankfully, experts at Hurliman can help you maintain your HVAC system.

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