Dual Inverter Air Conditioner: What Is It, And How Does It Work?

Consider getting a dual inverter air conditioner if you want an AC that cools the room quickly and quietly. Besides the quietness, this type of AC consumes little electricity so that you won’t have to worry about electricity bills.

A dual inverter air conditioner is different from the popular air conditioners, as it has a fundamentally different compressor unit that enables the machine to cool the rooms faster while also operates silently.

This article will discuss what a dual inverter AC is, how it works, and its pros and cons. We will also compare the features of the dual inverter AC with regular inverter AC.

What Is Dual Inverter AC?

The dual inverter AC builds upon the foundations of the inverter AC. Unlike the simple inverter with a single rotary compressor, this AC makes use of double the impellers and rollers for refrigerant compression.

The two impellers work at a lower RPM speed to compress the same amount of refrigerant as the simple inverter. This lowered rotational speed makes the dual inverter AC more efficient. It also has lower power consumption and is quieter than the other air conditioners.

Understanding How a Dual Inverter AC Works

A dual inverter air conditioner, as the name might suggest, makes use of a double rotary compressor, making it more efficient than a simple inverter and non-inverter air conditioner. However, the other air conditioners also use more energy than the dual inverter.

During cooling, the non-inverter AC works to reduce the temperatures to your preferred settings. Then, the thermostat turns off the compressor to cut the power supply and stop the AC after achieving the temperatures.

Turning the compressor on and off to maintain the room temperature consumes much power. In contrast, an inverter conditioner can modulate power consumption as needed to keep the room’s desired temperatures.

Once you turn on the inverter air conditioner, it operates using the maximum capacity to cool the surroundings. The conditioner will take a short time to reach the desired temperatures. However, the AC reduces power consumption as soon as the temperatures are achieved.

Differences between Dual Inverter AC and Inverter AC

Although the dual inverter and the standard inverter AC use inverter compressors to run, they have some differences. For example, the dual inverter uses twin rollers and impellers for compression, while the inverter AC has a single rotary compressor. The other differences between these ACs are:

     1. Performance

The dual inverter ACs perform better to cool the room than the inverter ACs, as the two impellers provide more refrigerant than a single rotary compressor.

Therefore, the dual inverter will provide a faster cooling of the room than the standard AC. Some AC manufacturers claim that the dual inverter AC performs 40 percent better than the typical inverter AC.

     2. Cost

Due to the faster performance of the dual inverter AC, it costs more in the market. The inverter AC is cheaper to buy, but you could end up paying more energy bills than if you had a dual inverter.

     3. Energy Consumption

The twin compressors in the dual inverters offer a lower frequency of rotation. This consumes less energy while providing a good performance. Although the single rotary compressor is energy efficient, it does not conserve much power like the dual inverter.

Pros and Cons of the Dual Inverter Air Conditioner

Even though the dual inverter air conditioner is an improved version of the inverter air conditioner, it has its pros and cons. Some of the advantages you will get from this air conditioner are;

     1. Energy Efficiency

Most homeowners are after saving their home’s energy consumption. Luckily, the dual inverter air conditioner will cost you less energy than other types of air conditioners. This is because the machine can run at different speeds, and since it does not require running at full power, it uses less energy to cool the room.

     2. It Lasts Longer

The dual inverter air conditioner has a greater lifespan than the inverter air conditioner. This is because it uses two compressors that share the workload. Less weight on the compressors makes it last longer.

     3. Less Noise

The dual inverter has a stable operation thanks to its balanced impellers. The twin-rotary compressors turn with a 180-degree phase difference hence the stability even when the machine is at full capacity. The stable operation also ensures less vibration.

Vibration in air conditioners is the leading cause of noise. Therefore, the machine generates less noise with less vibration than the simple inverter air conditioner.

     4. Efficient Operation

In addition to operating quietly and having low energy consumption, the dual inverter air conditioner is preferred for its efficient operation. The twin motor makes the machine cool the room faster than when using a simple inverter AC.

Achieving the same level of cooling as the standard inverter ACs within a shorter time and when using little energy is the reason the dual inverter AC is popular. It also generates fewer vibrations, keeping the rooms quieter during their operation.

Cons of Using the Dual Inverter AC

Although there are many things to like about the dual inverter AC, you should also know its downsides. The major one is its buying price and maintenance costs. Due to the improved features, dual inverter manufacturers sell the AC at a high price.

Before purchasing, it is essential to determine the type of maintenance the machine requires and the maintenance costs. Although these prices are high, remember that this AC has a greater lifespan and performs better. Besides, it has low energy consumption.

What about the Triple Inverter AC?

Some AC manufacturing companies recently invented the triple inverter air conditioner. This machine has an 8-pole motor that reduces torque fluctuation and vibrations. Therefore, the triple inverter AC is super silent than the other AC types.

The new triple inverter AC also consumes less power than the dual inverter, making it more energy efficient. It is more efficient and faster in cooling. However, this machine is costly. Besides, few AC manufacturers are producing it, so it is widely unavailable.

Final Words

Owning a dual inverter air conditioner is every homeowner’s goal. The conditioner uses less energy than the other types, is more effective, and produces less noise. However, these ACs are expensive to buy and have high maintenance costs. The good news is that Hurliman offers installation services for dual inverter ACs.

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