Everything You Need To Know About Cleaning Mini Split Air Conditioners

It’s comforting indeed to remain indoors with your mini-split AC moderating the indoor climate to perfection. Easy to maintain and economical, mini-split ACs are gaining popularity for valid reasons. While we have been installing hundreds of these sophisticated systems in your locality every month, we take pleasure in educating our clients on how to clean these ACs.

At Hurliman Heating, we continue to be one of the leading HVAC professionals, ready to install and service your cooling units. In this article, we are going to discuss the right approach to cleaning mini-split ACs. This way, you can prolong the lifespan of your AC and keep it in good shape.

Why is it crucial to clean your mini split AC?

To keep your AC optimally functional, it’s imperative to service and maintain it periodically. We recommend our clients schedule at least two annual maintenance and one seasonal tune-up for their ACs. Timely cleaning boosts the cooling capacity of your AC. Besides, our HVAC experts inspect the parts and replace the worn-out ones. This prevents premature failure of the system, as the other parts don’t come under stress.

Moreover, cleaning your AC on time keeps it free from mold growth. Unclean ACs generally bother homeowners with strange odors that can distract the occupants.

Preparing your mini-split AC for cleaning

‘Safety’ is the word-go when you clean or maintain your AC. We adhere to the established industry standards in all our endeavors.

1. Turn off your AC

Firstly, you need to disconnect the power supply to your AC before cleaning it. Trying to carry out maintenance without turning the appliance off can lead to electrocution. Our HVAC experts recommend disabling the circuit breaker and unplugging the power cable from the outlet on the electrical panel.

2. Gather the cleaning materials

Before you start cleaning your mini split AC, make sure to collect all the materials that you might need. Get a pair of clothes for dry and damp use. Other accessories you need include dishwashing or cleaning gloves, soap, shop vacuum, water, and household cleaners. Other cleaning materials that we carry include:

A water hose to spray fluids

  • A fin comb

  • Wash bags

  • Spray bottle

  • An AC coil cleaner

  • Scrubs

  • Condensate drain cleaner

Given that most households don’t have these cleaning materials, they hire a reputed HVAC maintenance company to get the task done.

Cleaning the indoor units of your mini split AC

With a mini-split AC, the number of indoor units depends on the configuration. For instance, if you have four cooling zones, there would be four indoor units. Here’s how we recommend cleaning the indoor units of your mini split AC.

1. Clean the external surface

First, check the exterior side of the air handler and clean the grime and dist. Excessive humidity might leave a sticky layer on the outer surface of the system. We generally use a piece of damp cloth to wipe the air handler. Next, our experts use a piece of dry cloth to dry the surface. We are also selective with the soap, ensuring they don’t leave any marks while removing stains.

2. Clean the air filters

A careful handling of the air filters by experts ensures that they remove all the dust from your unit. If they aren’t that messy, you can simply wipe them with a dry, clean cloth. However, we often have to use clean water and soap to remove the accumulated dust.

3 Cleaning the blower wheel and evaporator coil

To access the blower wheel and evaporator coil, you need to remove its cabinet. We use the right set of tools to ensure no damage to the parts while cleaning the dirt. Our experts use the blower wheel to remove mildew, grime, and dust. To make the process effective, you can use a coil cleaner or dry cloth too.

Cleaning the outdoor unit of your mini split AC

Cleaning the outdoor unit is crucial since you may have multiple indoor units connected to it. Here’s how we recommend cleaning the outdoor unit of your mini-split AC.

Clean the debris

Look out for possible obstructions around the fan grille when cleaning the outdoor unit. We remove branches, cobwebs, and leaves around the outdoor unit to ensure the proper functioning of the AC. We also use a powerful water hose to spray-clean the surface.

Wash the outdoor cabinet

Use mild soap and dampen a piece of cloth to clean the outdoor cabinet. We use a water hose to rinse it further. Our experts then use a dry cloth to wipe it.

Scrub the fan cage or grill

Next, we spray the fan grill with water using the hose to remove dust from the fan’s cage. In case you find any remaining grime, use a brush to clean them.

Clean the blades

Cleaning the fan blades involves professional hands. You need to unscrew the fan grill and open it to reach the blades. In case there is dirt or grime, you need to clean the blades using a damp cloth or soap. Later, use a piece of dry cloth to wipe the blades.

Clean the interior

Now inspect the interior parts of the outdoor unit for dirt and clean it. We deploy a vacuum cleaner to eliminate the debris and dirt. Besides, we clean the condensate pan and check the growth of mold. If necessary, we use a bleach solution to clean it and rinse the area using water.

Clean the drain hose

Lastly, we check the drain hose and eliminate objects that might be blocking it. Once done, we use clean water and soap to wash the drain hose.

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As your AC operates, it accumulates dirt, dust, and mold. Unless you get it cleaned, the indoor air quality deteriorates due to contamination. The pollutants keep circulating in your indoor space. Neglecting your system also makes the parts work harder. The accumulation of dirt on the filters pressurizes the compressor, leading to untimely failure. Ultimately, you would be draining your resources on high utility bills every month.

Reach out to us at Hurliman Heating for cost-effective AC cleaning and maintenance services. We would be glad to assist you and help you maintain a sound indoor environment.

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