5 Benefits of Preventive Maintenance on Your HVAC System

benefits of preventative maintenance

Your home’s HVAC systems provide home comfort throughout the year. Whenever the weather gets too cold, you can easily rely on your furnace to keep you warm through the night, and the same goes for your air conditioner. But time and gradual wear-and-tear can cause that much-loved efficiency to drop. 

Combined with the natural dust buildup, the damage can escalate into severe problems and cause the system to break. That’s where preventative maintenance can help. You and other homeowners will be interested in many preventive maintenance benefits, some of which we’ve included and detailed here. 

After reviewing this article, we’re sure you’ll see why you should connect with us to schedule a maintenance appointment.

Lowered Energy Costs and More Saving

Though it may seem like an excess cost initially, spending just a little money to get your furnace or air conditioner checked and serviced can save you far more over time. Regularly scheduling an appointment can help improve how your HVAC system works, allowing it to use less energy to run smoothly and efficiently. Since there’s less energy being used, your energy bill will also be less, letting you use that money for other needs.

Another one of the advantages of preventive maintenance is how it can keep your HVAC system running to its peak efficiency. Without the needed preventative measures that come along with the tune-up, any small issue with your system can grow until it causes the system to fail. By paying just a little for the appointment, you save the money you would have had to pay for repairing what could have been more severe.

A Longer System Life Expectancy

As mentioned, one of the main benefits of preventative maintenance is the ability to catch any signs of damage before they worsen. In addition to saving you more money, the tune-up allows you to replace or fix any damaged parts, lengthening your furnace or air conditioner’s lifespan.

This benefit, however, relies on the fact that you schedule a preventative tune-up regularly. The individual parts of your HVAC system will run well for a few months and work efficiently, but during the rest of the year, dust and damage can build up. The longer you go between maintenance checks, the more the damage builds until your system’s life expectancy drops.

Improved Air Quality

Another benefit that emphasizes the importance of preventive maintenance is improving your air quality. Though there are features and measures like an air filter to ensure air quality doesn’t drop, regularly upkeeping those parts is also essential.

For example, a dirty air filter can often cause many problems. Since it’s responsible for trapping dirt while allowing the air through while clean, a dirty filter causes the opposite. All that dust that gets trapped instead returns to your home or system and causes the air quality to drop.

If you don’t have the time to replace or clean your HVAC system’s air filter, you might find that a normal tune-up can include replacing it as other benefits of preventative maintenance.

Better Home Comfort and Safety

In addition to checking the HVAC systems, a typical preventative maintenance appointment will include checking for anything that can compromise the home’s safety. For your home’s furnace or any other heating system, this can consist of carbon monoxide testing and ensuring that the system’s exhaust isn’t leaking or clogged up.

Likewise, the technician called will check any electrical connections to ensure they aren’t frayed or burnt. The main reason why preventive maintenance is essential is that these small problems can end up risking your home’s structural integrity and putting your life at risk if it isn’t quickly fixed.

Your System Runs as Efficiently as Possible

Ultimately, any preventative maintenance appointment’s main goal is to ensure that your AC or furnace is always running as efficiently as possible. Though minor problems like a dirty air filter or a little wear-and-tear can go ignored for a few weeks, they can still cause issues with how the system works. An AC with a low refrigerant is bound to be less effective at cooling the air.

Additionally, while you can do your maintenance for your HVAC systems, there are many things that only a qualified technician has the knowledge and tools to handle and fix. A lack of refrigerant is only one of them! 


If you want to make sure that your HVAC system keeps running correctly and that you have a high level of home comfort, regular HVAC maintenance is needed. There are many benefits to scheduling an appointment, and these are just a few. If you want to keep your HVAC system working as efficiently as possible, contact us at Hurliman Heating & Air Conditioning.

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