5 Benefits of Having An AC Summer Tune Up


Maintaining a reliable air conditioning system in your home is essential, especially during the hot summer months, and having it serviced annually will ensure its effective operation.

This blog post will outline what an AC tune up is and its many advantages. We’ll go over why it’s worth it to invest in an AC summer tune up, and why a qualified professional should be contacted to do the job.

What Does a Professional AC Tune Up Involve? 

A qualified HVAC specialist performing an AC tune up will usually do the following.

Cleaning Dirt and Dust From the Unit

The technician will begin the HVAC summer tune up by first clearing away dirt and dust from the unit with tools such as a vacuum cleaner.

This step in AC maintenance can protect against clogs that cause the unit to overwork itself, allowing it to run more efficiently. Regularly vacuuming the unit is vital to prolonging its life and keeping it operating effectively.

Washing or Changing Air Conditioner Filters

Professional HVAC technicians will then inspect and clean your air conditioner filter if necessary, as clogged filters can reduce AC efficiency and cause long-term damage. Based on the filter’s condition and type, they may either replace it or clean it if possible.

AC filters help ensure that air flows freely and that your home is provided with quality air, as it traps dirt and pollutants before they can enter your living space.

Drain Pan Inspection

Another component of summer AC tune ups is drain pan inspection to ensure optimal unit operation, reduce any risk of water damage, and catch any drain line clogs.

Professionals will also inspect the drain pan for signs of mildew or mold growth. A professional will carefully examine it in search of any buildup.

Checking Coolant Lines

A tune up involves as well the inspection of the unit’s coolant lines to identify potential leaks or blockages, which could compromise its efficiency and cause a dip in performance, preventing your AC from cooling properly.

A professional technician will inspect pipes for cracks or loose connections, which could indicate leaks, replacing or repairing them as necessary.

Clearing the Area Around an Outdoor Unit

Homeowners often overlook this part of an annual AC summer tune up, but it plays an important role in maintenance. An HVAC professional will thoroughly clear the area surrounding the outdoor unit to remove any leaves or twigs that have accumulated.

Maintaining airflow without obstruction is crucial, and doing so involves preventing foreign objects from clogging your system for optimal performance.

The Benefits of An Summer AC Tune Up

Here are some key benefits of getting an AC tune up during the summer.

  1. A Longer System Lifespan

An annual tune up can extend the lifespan of your air conditioning system. By having a professional inspect and clean its components regularly, you can better prevent and detect wear and tear before it becomes an issue, saving time and money with future repairs while ensuring that your system runs as intended for years to come.

  1. Greater Efficiency

Scheduling an HVAC summer tune up will also allow your system to operate more efficiently. A professional can effectively service your system, remove any buildup blocking airflow, and keep your unit in tip-top shape. Ensuring efficiency in this way will save energy costs, which means lower bills.

  1. Improved Air Quality

Routine summer tune ups can significantly enhance air quality in your home. A cleaner unit means fewer pollutants being released into your environment. This is especially beneficial if you suffer from respiratory or allergy conditions, which could be made worse by poor air quality.

  1. Early Identification of Issues

Regular AC tune ups work as preventative AC maintenance, assisting with the early identification of potential problems that could develop with your system. 

A professional HVAC inspector can quickly spot minor problems before they worsen, allowing you to take immediate steps before they escalate and become costly repairs. In other words, regular checks protect you against the development of larger issues which will then require more costly fixes.

  1. Safer Operation

Regular summer AC tune ups ensure safe operation. A technician will be able to check for gas leaks or any other issues that could endanger you or your family.

That is to say, performing necessary AC maintenance checks can maintain optimal system functioning and help with avoiding safety risks due to neglect.

Trust Hurliman For Regular AC Tune Ups

Scheduling an AC tune up every summer can be beneficial in an immediate sense and in the long run. It ensures maximum unit performance so any potential issues are quickly addressed. Additionally, it keeps your energy bills low by maintaining efficiency.

By making the commitment to proper unit care through AC summer tune ups, you can increase its lifespan to keep cool all year long.

For this, consider Hurliman Heating & Air Conditioning. Our team of experts provide service to homeowners in the Spokane Valley and are always ready to help at a moment’s notice.

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