Why Is Your AC Unit Freezing Up In Summer?


No one enjoys having an air conditioning unit freeze up during the hotter summer months, but unfortunately, this issue can arise, often for a variety of reasons.

This blog post will go over reasons for an AC unit freezing up in summer. Keeping your home cool, comfortable, and energy-efficient throughout the summer is the priority here, and understanding why your AC may be freezing up will give you the knowledge necessary to act.

If you need any assistance with your AC unit, get in touch with an HVAC specialist for help.

The Causes of an AC Freezing Up In Summer

There can be various reasons for your unit freezing up during the warmer season. Here are just a few of them.

An Air Filter Clogging

Your air conditioning unit can freeze up from a clogged air filter restricting airflow and decreasing circulation.

Lack of warm airflow causes condensation to form on the unit’s coils, which turns into frost and leads to the unit freezing up. A frozen unit means heat can’t dissipate, causing the unit to eventually shut down.

Regularly maintaining and replacing air filters is integral to ensuring your system operates at maximum performance.

Problems With Your Refrigerant

Problems with your AC’s refrigerant could be the reason for your outside AC unit freezing up in summer. Inadequate levels of refrigerant, refrigerant leaks, or issues with your AC liquid lines mean all the heat from passing airflow can’t be absorbed.

You can fix this by having your lines and any leaks professionally repaired, or by having a technician recharge your unit’s refrigerant levels. In cases such as this, it’s important to have a professional do the job, as refrigerant handling requires a license due to the dangers associated with handling this toxic substance.

Faulty Thermostat

If you’re experiencing problems with your outside AC unit freezing up in summer, the cause could be a defective thermostat. 

A thermostat that isn’t calibrated properly causes problems with unit performance and could result in the entire unit freezing altogether.

To prevent this scenario from arising, professional help should be sought out. Ignoring an improperly functioning thermostat could cause long-term damage, and this issue requires prompt attention.

An Aging Unit

An aging unit leads to the components in your air conditioning system becoming less effective at absorbing heat over time. Along with causing an AC unit freezing up in summer, this can eventually lead to the unit ceasing to function altogether.

After all, it’s important to think about how long an AC lasts. As your air conditioner ages, its efficiency decreases, increasing its likelihood of freezing up during hotter summer days.

Your HVAC system must be regularly serviced by an accredited technician to ensure optimal operation.

Fan Failure

A failing fan could leave your AC unit freezing up in summer. The function of an AC fan is to circulate cool air and maintain consistently cool temperatures throughout. A malfunctioning fan can cause significant problems in the unit’s core functionality.

The issue that arises is similar to that of a clogged air filter—less air circulation means condensation will form on the surface of the evaporator coils, and this condensation eventually freezes.

Maintaining your unit’s fan is essential for proper airflow. Regular HVAC checks and maintenance visits will help make sure that everything runs as intended.

Should You Repair or Replace Your AC Unit?

Once you’ve identified the source of your outside AC unit freezing up in summer, you’ll then need to determine whether an AC repair or replacement is the best solution for your situation. A small fix might suffice; otherwise, a replacement might be preferable if extensive work needs to be completed.

If your AC unit is experiencing issues due to a broken thermostat or blocked filter, repair may be the best option. Having a professional thaw out your unit and swap out filters or make necessary adjustments to the thermostat can resolve these problems and restore the operation of your cooling unit.

If your problem requires extensive repairs to major parts, such as the evaporator or compressor, replacing your air conditioning unit might be beneficial. It makes more economic sense than trying to repair an older model, as newer units can provide greater reliability and energy savings.

Consult a professional HVAC technician when it comes to finding the best solution. This way, you can make an informed decision regarding whether to repair or replace your air conditioning system.

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There are various factors that can lead to your air conditioner breaking down during the summer season. To prevent that from happening and to save on money, annual inspections and regular maintenance are vital.

Consult a certified HVAC technician if your AC requires extensive repairs or major component replacement. They can help assess whether it’s best to repair or replace your unit.

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