AC Maintenance Checklist for Spring

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As it often is with the changing of seasons, spring signals many things, with cleaning being just one of them. Though the weather only just warms enough, many homeowners take the chance to look into servicing their ACs before summer hits. Everyone prefers to avoid a broken AC in the peak of a hot summer, so it’s only natural that people search for what’s on a typical AC maintenance checklist.

Calling a technician and just asking for their help can be a simple solution, but many other homeowners prefer to know what’s happening. Others still prefer to do their own AC maintenance on their ACs, though there are limits to what you can add to your spring checklist. 

So we’ve put together this guide to help show what you can easily add to your homeowners’ air conditioning maintenance checklist and what a technician will do. Whenever you’re ready for your own AC maintenance, just contact us at Hurliman Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment.

What You Can Do at Home Yourself

Though calling a technician can help quite a lot, there are a few things you can do without professional help to keep the system working well. Many homeowners should always keep their own air conditioner preventive maintenance checklist so that if a technician finds an issue, it’s much easier to rule out the simpler causes.

Keep Your Thermostat Well Maintained

One of the most important parts of your air conditioner is its connected thermostat. Since the thermostat is responsible for telling your AC when to turn on and off, any small problems with it can interfere with the entire system.

The most common problem – and the most important item on your ac maintenance checklist – should be maintaining its power. Keeping the thermostat away from heat sources that can damage it is ideal, and since thermostats typically run on batteries, replacing them when the power runs low is a simple process.

It’s also important to remember that an HVAC servicing appointment should also involve looking at your thermostat, so schedule them regularly to keep yours running smoothly.

Replace Air Filters as Needed

Your ACs air filter is another key factor that you should always have on your own service checklist to look at. Dust and other debris are constantly trapped against the filter, ensuring that the air blown into your home is clean. However, the dirt can slowly build until the filter ends up doing more harm than good. Replacing it every one to three months is important since it can help prevent problems from happening or worsening.

Clear Debris From Around Your AC Outside

Though a little less important than some of the other items on this checklist, clearing out the debris does help protect both the outdoor unit and your AC. Much like with anything left outside for long enough, stray bits of grass, leaves, and even sand can gather in the condenser unit. This can clog up the condenser’s coils and interfere with how it runs and cools the air.

Cleaning the debris out is incredibly easy, even from the inside of the condenser. Simply trim back any long grass, bushes, or trees from the unit before opening its casing. The coils should be visible, so take a soft brush and remove any leaves or grass.

What Your Technician Will Do

As mentioned, there are items on the average spring AC tune-up checklist that only a technician has the licensing to do. That said, maintenance often includes a check of the AC’s air filter and lines. So if anything is missing, installed incorrectly, or if you didn’t have the time to do it yourself, the technician that visited will do it for you.

Check Your Thermostat’s Functions

Even if you’ve recently replaced the batteries in your thermostat, a technician will always check your thermostat to ensure it functions as intended. This check, though, tends to focus more on checking that no wires are frayed and that the ACs fan moves at the right speeds for certain settings. Finally, they’ll make sure that the AC can reach a specific set temperature setting before turning it off. 

Refill and Check the Unit’s Refrigerant Lines

One of the main and most important items on a technician’s own AC maintenance checklist will be checking the system’s refrigerant lines. Since liquid refrigerant is key in cooling the air drawn in, any drops in the line’s volume can cause the AC to cool far less efficiently. If the technician catches a leak, they’ll patch it up before refilling the liquid refrigerant.


Of course, there are many more things that a technician will check whenever they visit on a maintenance appointment. Hopefully, we’ve helped you understand some of the main items on their checklist and let you know if any bigger parts need replacing. If you’re ready to schedule your spring AC maintenance, call our Hurliman Heating & Air Conditioning team to schedule an appointment today!

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