How Long Do Mini-Splits Last? 6 Ways to Extend Your Mini-Split’s Life

Mini splits provide excellent comfort for homeowners who live in older homes without a central air conditioning system. They are also very convenient for tenants living in the same building but may want different room temperatures simultaneously.

As a result, mini-splits have become quite the rage over the last few years as an alternative to standard central air conditioning systems. It is also because of the highly reasonable installation cost of mini splits.

Although mini-splits are a great way to keep homes cool in the summer, they come with their own set of problems. The biggest issue is how quickly these systems can deteriorate when left unserved or neglected for an extended period.

Nevertheless, scroll down through this article to explore vital tips you can follow to ensure that your mini-split lasts as long as possible.

What is a mini split?

The most common type of air conditioning system used today, i.e., mini-splits, is a relatively new invention. They allow people to enjoy the benefits of central air conditioning without needing to install extensive ductwork throughout their homes.

Instead, the indoor unit of this appliance sits inside the home with the compressor and condenser installed outside and connected via a suction line set that delivers refrigerant in pressurized form and pulls draining condensate out of the system.

How long do mini-splits last?

All electrical appliances fail after completing a stipulated life period, and mini-splits are no exceptions here. However, when properly maintained, they can last up to 10 – 15 years before needing a replacement. In many cases, you may find mini-splits that last longer than 20 years. It is possible, especially when the manufacturer’s recommendations, such as correct usage, regular checkup, and filter cleaning, are diligently carried out and annual maintenance is properly followed.

Factors that affect the lifespan of a mini split

Many factors play a crucial role in determining the life rendered by a mini split air conditioner. However, the following may be the reasons that affect the lifespan of a mini split.

  • A unit Installed by an unskilled and inexperienced mechanic won’t render a longer life compared to one installed by a professional.

  • Improper placement of the unit

  • Inappropriate usage or misuse of the system

  • Failure to perform the manufacturer’s recommendation of periodic inspection and regular servicing

  • Lack of repair or essential maintenance

  • Overloading the unit

  • Use of faulty parts or accessories

6 Ways to extend the life of your mini split

If you want your mini split to render a longer life, you must maintain it properly. Most people are not experts in maintaining modern advanced home appliances and are often unsure how to do it. So here are six ways to ensure your mini split stays in good shape.

Regular checkups

You should always perform a regular maintenance service on your mini split at least once every year. It is important to ensure your mini-split is working efficiently to prevent any problems from occurring down the line.

Some people prefer to get the dealer’s service engineer’s help for this task, while others choose to do it themselves. However, hiring a certified technician is always recommended if you have no clue what you are doing.

Keep the air filter clean

It is also crucial to regularly clean your mini split and its air filters. Otherwise, you risk the accumulation of contaminants like dirt, dust, pet hair, and pollen particles in your mini split’s evaporator coils, which would cause the unit to break down much sooner than usual.

Remember, the dirtier your filters are, the more energy your mini-split will consume, reducing its efficiency.

Clean the indoor and outdoor units regularly

Making sure to clean the indoor and outdoor units of a mini-split system properly in regular intervals is extremely important. Not only does it make your mini split function optimally, but it also prevents it from being damaged by pests and other unwanted elements. Also, keeping the unit clean will help significantly increase the lifespan of your mini-splits.

Professional Maintenance

Even though you may think that checking the filters and cleaning your mini-split regularly yourself is enough to keep it in top condition, it’s not. It is highly recommended that you hire professionals for your routine maintenance tasks because they will know what to do and how to do it and provide a quick, easy, and, most importantly, reliable solution to any problem that may occur.

Inspect the electrical wiring

Conducting a detailed inspection of the electrical wiring of your mini split at least once every year is another vital part of the proper maintenance routine. According to the standard guidelines, you should inspect your mini split’s electrical system for any potential hazards at least once a few months.

Furthermore, experts recommend annual checking of the wiring of your mini-split and getting the faulty parts replaced if you notice any.

Check Refrigerant Levels

The last step you need to take to extend the lifespan of your mini split is to regularly check the refrigerant levels in your mini split’s refrigeration coil. Too little or too much refrigerant can result in several issues, including reduced performance and poor airflow. As a result, your mini-split will consume more energy, negatively impacting its overall performance and lifespan.

Benefits of mini-splits

Here are some benefits offered by mini splits that make them a huge hit.

  • Their compact size and advanced mechanism make them ideal to be installed in unconventional places like a garage or shed.

  • Ductless systems are engineered to consume less energy than a conventional central A/C system.

  • Less expensive than installing a complete central air conditioner system

  • No major disruption to the household while installation is being done

  • It doesn’t require much maintenance

  • They are usually easy to replace


As you can see, you need to do plenty of things to ensure your mini-split works properly for a long time. However, this is not complicated at all, and you should not worry about being able to carry out the basic tasks yourself. Following a good maintenance routine to keep your mini split healthy can make it last several years without breaking down. At most, you need to hire a professional to avoid mistakes that may damage your mini-split system.

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