How Does Retrofitting Old HVAC System Work?

Replacing the HVAC system involves a significant financial commitment. With standard AC units, you can expect a life of 15 to 25 years. At some stage, you need to get your old AC replaced.

However, installing a brand-new system is expensive. So, you might be looking for viable alternatives. At Hurliman Heating, we specialize in retrofitting old HVAC systems in residential and commercial buildings. The process involves the replacement and upgradation of certain parts to optimize the performance and deficiency of your AC. This way, we help businesses and households make significant savings.

When should you consider an HVAC system retrofitting?

Well, you must be following up on the routine maintenance services for your AC. Despite all the efforts, an old AC is bound to bother you with its poor performance. So, when you find adjusting or tweaking the existing system doesn’t work, you need to consider an upgrade. Once you reach out to our experts at Hurliman Heating, we will examine your existing system and recommend you the needful.

Retrofitting your old HVAC system may be required under the following circumstances.

  • If your existing AC is already a decade old

  • You are unhappy with the energy efficiency of your AC

  • In case you experience comfort issues despite running your AC to its full capacity

  • You notice frequent breakdowns, escalating repair costs

  • Your home has issues with the indoor air quality

With age, every HVAC system tends to lose its efficiency. So, it doesn’t make sense to compromise your comfort or shell out high energy bills. Thus, you need to consider a retrofit and schedule an appointment with us.

What does an HVAC retrofitting project involve?

The scope of an old HVAC retrofit project significantly depends on the nature of the appliance and its current performance. Apart from ACs, you can also retrofit old chillers and boilers. Here are certain elements in your HVAC system that you can upgrade.

  • Replacing or sealing the ductwork

  • Installing airside economizer

  • Integrating your system with smart humidity and temperature controls

  • Installing CO2 sensors

  • Installation of cooling capacity controls

  • Installing supply fan speed controls

  • Opting for demand-controlled ventilation

What problems can a retrofitted HVAC system solve?

A professional HVAC retrofitting project can resolve several issues like high humidity, fluctuating indoor temperature, and poor air movement. We often recommend changes in ductwork changes or integrating features that can make a visible difference. With a properly planned strategy for your HVAC retrofit, you can enjoy significant benefits.

1. Save energy

The most logical reason to go for an HVAC retrofit project is to leverage your energy efficiency. In most projects, we have noticed that our clients have been using decade-old technologies in their systems. Upgrading the ACs by installing a smart thermostat can significantly optimize the system’s energy efficiency. With professional assistance from a certified mechanical contractor, you can save a significant energy bill every month.

2. Minimize repair expenses

There’s no denying that HVAC expenses tend to be too hot. Besides, it’s challenging to calculate hidden expenses. When you have an old HVAC system in your commercial establishment, unexpected downtime can mess up customer satisfaction and sales. Ultimately, you would be compromising the productivity of your business.

3. Better comfort level

No one loves to keep the AC on and still sweat in an uncomfortable environment indoors. Besides, you might expect your AC to control indoor humidity more efficiently. If you realize that your existing system is failing to maintain temperatures as consistently as it used to, it’s time for an upgrade. This way, you can eliminate stale pockets and minimize the noise.

4. Great ROI

Prioritizing your financial expenses, you might not be in a position to invest in a brand-new AC at the moment. Again, commercial establishments with dozens of ACs would need a huge cost to replace all the units. So, if your existing HVAC systems have some functional parts, you can upgrade the rest. The overall cost of retrofitting would be just a fraction of the expense you would bear had you replaced the systems. Eventually, retrofitting old HVAC systems can give you a great return on your investment.

5. Prolonged lifeline

Lowering the number of run cycles of your HVAC equipment will minimize the natural wear of the crucial parts of the system. When you replace these parts and integrate some tactical upgrades, the entire system’s life cycle will get a boost.

6. Control your costs

While you factor in the annual maintenance costs of your HVAC system in your budget, what about the unplanned expenses? With your old AC aging, you wouldn’t like shelling out frequent costs on repairs. With the maintenance costs escalating, it would be wise to upgrade your system. This would also relieve you of the anxiety of unanticipated costs.

How do we retrofit an existing HVAC system?

At Hurliman Heating, we love coordinating closely with our clients while working on retrofitting projects. This ensures that you can get personalized HVAC retrofitting services from trained professionals. First, we inspect the HVAC system and evaluate its performance to gain a transparent insight into its condition.

Next, we consider aspects like energy efficiency, planned and unplanned repair expenses, and maintenance costs. Trained professionals working with us can also identify the parts that need replacement and those currently in proper operational conditions. This helps us get a holistic idea of the health profile of your existing system.

Accordingly, our experts recommend necessary upgrades and repairs. We also suggest the best spare parts and components, depending on the technical requirements of your system. Our motto is to ensure energy efficiency and comfort for our clients without breaking their wallets. Accordingly, we suggest the best solutions and work on the system.


If you feel that your HVAC system is slacking, feel free to reach out to us. At Hurliman Heating, we continue to be the one-stop solution for all your HVAC troubles. Our experts will inspect your systems and give you a quote. With branded parts and industry expertise, we ensure that you can prolong the lifeline of your AC.

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