Do You Need to Have AC Inspections?

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Your air conditioner is a key part of your home, with several kinds available on the market for purchase. All brands and models work to keep your home at the ideal temperature, and during the cold and hot seasons, homeowners rely on their ACs to live and work comfortably. But many people tend to question whether their AC inspections are needed. The system has become so embedded in our lives that we rarely notice the need for upkeep.

But when the system starts failing, homeowners look for different ways to solve their problems first before trying to prevent future problems. As a fact that often tends to be overlooked – especially for new homeowners – a regular AC inspection can both prevent and fix your problems.

Are Air Condition Inspections Needed?

When it comes to regular home clean-up and care, not many people consider the fact that their air conditioners also need the same care as any other appliance. They often see quite a lot of wear and tear, whether that’s through frequent use during the hot summer months or simply sitting idle. But many homeowners know their ACs can take a beating, as many appliances can.

But, like those appliances, keeping your air conditioner well-maintained is crucial to its efficiency. Something as simple as checking the air conditioner can seriously help. Homeowners can do a quick check by themselves and clean the unit’s vents regularly, but the best aid is calling HVAC professionals like our team at Hurliman.

When to Get an AC Inspection

As important as an AC inspection is for overall system health, it can take a lot of work to tell when to schedule an appointment. No one wants to wait for their air conditioner to start failing or causing problems, so narrowing down the best times for an inspection is the best idea. Also, checking air conditioners can ensure that your AC is in peak condition whenever needed.

The best time to tell when you should schedule an appointment ideally depends on whether you’ve already gotten it inspected. It’s highly suggested to space each check at most six months apart, but sooner can also be quite beneficial. While many homeowners get their ACs inspected close to the end of spring, many other HVAC technicians get swamped. Scheduling your inspection earlier can help avoid delays. 

But if you’ve recently moved and don’t know when the last AC inspection was, schedule an appointment with our team anyway! From there, regular inspections and system care can come much easier.

The Benefits of Regular AC Inspections

As we mentioned above, a regular AC inspection can catch any issues with your system and help it run as efficiently as possible. But there are far more benefits that regular inspections have. Every appointment includes more than just checking the AC to ensure it works well. Most technicians will often clean and oil the individual parts of your AC and even check the electric connections too.

Additionally, since handling AC refrigerant is something only a trained professional can do, the technician called for your inspection will refill the lines as needed. The refrigerant is the main reason your AC can cool the air drawn in, so any lack of refrigerant can cause the system to become less effective.

Signs You Need to Get Your AC Inspected

Unfortunately, knowing how to check an air conditioner can be quite tricky for many homeowners. Even outside of a few maintenance tips homeowners can follow, many people need more time to set aside time. These checks – and sometimes even inspection scheduling – can be pushed back repeatedly until the AC starts showing problems. 

If you encounter any of these issues when dealing with your AC, contact us immediately!

Strange Smells Whenever AC Is On

If you keep catching odd burnt or musty smells whenever your air conditioner starts running, it’s clear you need to schedule your AC inspections more often. Strong smells, often like something burnt, are a sign of a burned-out wire in the unit, while any mustiness is a sign of mold. By calling a technician, that mold gets cleaned out while burnt wires are replaced.

Your Thermostat Isn’t Working Correctly or at All

A problem you might face is that your AC only runs for a short time or doesn’t even turn on. Whenever you notice this, calling a technician for an inspection is crucial since your thermostat isn’t working as intended. A regular inspection often includes a thermostat check so that any issues will be fixed.

Loud Noises Coming From the AC

A common sign that you need AC inspections is hearing loud squealing or grinding. Scheduling an inspection can greatly help realign any shifted belts and oil the parts to prevent costly damage.


A regular AC inspection is an important step to ensure that your system runs as efficiently as possible throughout the coming summer months and well into the future. Most inspections are done to fix any minor problems and prevent any damage from worsening. 

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