What Temperature Should You Set Your Thermostat in Winter

It’s not just the weather outside that changes during the seasons. Your home also needs to change. And it’s definitely in your best interest to crank up the heat during winter.

However, before doing anything else, make sure you know the best thermostat setting for winter. This will help you save energy, reduce your heating bill, and prevent you from catching a nasty cold.

In this article, we’ll help you get the answers to ‘’what temperature should I set my thermostat in winter’’ and how to get the best out of the device.

Best Temperature to Set Thermostat in Winter

Almost 30% of your total energy consumption during winter goes to heating your home. So it is no surprise that most people are looking to gain answers to “what temperature should I set my thermostat in winter?’’ in order to keep their energy costs down.

The thermostat is one of the most important parts of your heating system, and understanding the best thermostat temperature in winter can significantly impact your heating costs.

However, you have to consider some variables when deciding your winter thermostat setting, some of which are;

  • The size of your home or workspace

  • The number of people in the building

  • Time of the day

  • Your type of heating system

So what temperature should I set my thermostat in winter?

The US Department of Energy has considered these factors and found 68 degrees Fahrenheit to be the lowest recommended thermostat setting for winter. This temperature setting works best for furnace and baseboard heating systems. However, if you have a heat pump system, you may want to consider going higher to improve the energy efficiency of your unit.

Unique Conditions That May Require Adjusting the Required Winter Thermostat Setting 

When You’re Sleeping

You would think it’s ideal to turn the furnace up to avoid catching a cold when going to sleep. However, that’s not the case. Medical experts recommend turning down the heater at night because our body temperatures drop while asleep.

The recommended nighttime indoor temperature during winter is about 65 degrees Fahrenheit. This will help you have a better night’s rest and stay comfortable throughout the day.

When You are Away From Home

While you’re on vacation, you’ll still want to keep the heat running. However, it is probably a good idea to set the thermostat to a slightly warmer temperature while you’re away.

The goal is to prevent pipes from freezing, which can happen if the temperature in the home gets too cold. Also, If you have pets, you should leave your thermostat above 64 degrees Fahrenheit to keep them safe.

Tips For Getting the Best Out of Your Thermostat In Winter

Colder weather makes your home feel colder, but it can also make it harder for your thermostat to keep up. Below are some of the best tips to keep your thermostat and heating system working in the best condition.

Turn Down the Heat Gradually

As your family gets used to the colder winter weather, gradually lower the thermostat settings in your home by one degree each week.  The goal is to get your home’s internal temperature down to 68 degrees. If you start doing this, you should be able to stop the furnace from running full-time in the middle of winter. This will save both energy and money.

The thermostat is the heart of your home’s HVAC system. It helps regulate the temperature in several rooms throughout your home, and if it’s not installed correctly, it could give you false readings or even cause your system to shut down at times.

You can avoid these issues by doing a few simple things to ensure you’re placing the thermostat in the correct location. For example, make sure the thermostat is closer to the center of the house and rooms where you spend most of your time.

Also, avoid closets, doorways, window sides, etc. These simple steps can ensure that the thermostat is doing its job, and you don’t have to worry about the ideal temperature for your home.

Schedule a Tune-Up Before It Gets Cold Outside

You may not give your heating system a second thought until it’s time to flip on the heat, but it’s crucial to schedule a tune-up and cleaning before it gets cold outside.

Over time, your heating systems will accumulate a lot of dirt and dust. This could cause the system to work harder to keep you warm as the temperatures plummet. If your furnace isn’t up to par, you could suffer from uncomfortable cold drafts or inefficient heating throughout your home.

Call an expert right away if you’ve not used your heating system all year or notice any signs of trouble. They can diagnose problems and provide recommendations to keep your heating systems at peak performance levels all season long.

Invest in a New Energy-Efficient Heating System

Older heating systems, especially gas-fired ones, can be inefficient, leaky, and unreliable. If you are spending more money on heating your home than you did 10 years ago, it’s likely time to consider a new furnace installation. A newer model with modern technology can provide many benefits over older models. It can offer greater comfort, reliability, and efficiency.

If you don’t know what kind of heating system you need in Spokane, WA, contact Hurliman heating today! We’ll take care of everything for you.

Use a Programmable Thermostats

If you’re the kind of person who forgets to adjust the thermostat before you head to bed or leave home, you’re wasting money. In fact, most people are guilty of this.

A programmable thermostat is a smart thermostat that allows you to pre-set the temperature to a lower level when you’re not at home, which helps you save money and energy. This way you don’t have to keep asking yourself “what temperature should I set my thermostat in winter”

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