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Are you a builder or the owner of a new property in Spokane Valley? Get HVAC units that will delight residents for many years. If you're working on a new construction project, chances are you're working on a tight deadline. You will definitely need a dependable heating and cooling company that shows up on time, knows what you need, and how to provide it to you with attention to detail. That’s exactly who we are.

HVAC for New Construction Done Right

Work with seasoned experts in HVAC installation and maintenance to get it right the first time. Our rates are affordable, so you can keep your budget on track. This is what we offer

New construction and remodel HVAC and duct systems installation
Communication through each phase of our work process
Continued residential HVAC maintenance services for new homebuyers

To make sure your system is trouble-free and works efficiently, choosing the correct equipment, design, and ductwork unique to your project’s requirements is crucial. In addition, you will need to be sure that everything is installed accurately.

In the past, contractors sized up heating and cooling systems using simple guesses like “one ton of cooling capacity is needed per 500 square feet of floor area.” These guesstimates might have worked for old constructions, but they are way off for today’s energy-efficient building methods.

We want to maximize the value and accuracy of every installation, so we use the steps outlined in the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Manual J, 8th edition. Just because the calculated load is 4 tons, it doesn’t mean you actually require a 4-ton air conditioner. Load calculation is just the initial step in designing. You also need:

The right equipment
Well-designed ductwork
Proper installation of ductwork
Accurate registers
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Our HVAC Design Process

To ensure that your HVAC system or commercial air purifier is properly sized with the correct airflow, your designer should be familiar with, and be able to work through, the protocols outlined in ACCA Manuals J, S, D, and T. Software can do most of the heavy lifting, but the designer needs to input accurate data.
Construction Details

To calculate accurate house and room loads, we consider variables like orientation, roofing, siding, insulation, fenestration, shading, and indoor and outdoor temperature.

Equipment Size

Equipment size and blower performance vary for different calculated loads and system types.

Ducts and Registers

Data on blower performance, type of duct system, room loads, etc., is used to size and configure the structure's ducts and registers.

What make us different

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It’s one thing to provide a professional service. It’s another to deliver it with genuine care. Not only do we strive to maintain the loving reputation we have, but we’re also working with the belief that comfort should be affordable.

Our Top-Quality Service

When you get a Spokane HVAC-related installation, repair, maintenance, or inspection service from Hurliman, you get a solution that will stand the test of time. Our goal is to deliver a level of service that thrills you so much you just have to tell someone about it.

Our Seasoned Experience

For over 66 years, we’ve provided top-quality heating and air conditioning installation and repair services. This has allowed us to develop a rock-solid system for consistently thrilling our customers with solutions that work at great prices.

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Hurliman Heating & Air Conditioning strives for customer satisfaction! We have many happy customers who would love to share their stories with you. Take a look and read all of our testimonials below.

Kristin D. Avatar
Kristin D.
- Google
This was a great find! Matthew not only serviced my fireplace, but also taught me how to relight the pilot light and recommended which product to use for cleaning. I appreciated the text alerting me to who would be showing up along with a link to track how far away he was. Will definitely recommend!
Jami H. Avatar
Jami H.
- Google
Very prompt & responsive! Cameron was great. He had the furnace working quickly & explained what I needed to know about the type of furnace I have and how often I should change the filter..which will save me money. I appreciate Cameron & the excellent service! Highly recommend!
Rachy k. Avatar
Rachy k.
- Google
"Have been a customer of Hurliman since 2019. They provide exceptional service from start to finish. They have knowledgeable technicians who are prompt, courteous, and resolve our HVAC issues efficiently, leaving us completely satisfied with their top-notch professionalism and expertise."
Lucy P. Avatar
Lucy P.
- Google
I have been a customer of Hurliman for years. They recently replaced my old furnace. They are an awesome company to work with on any heating and A/C. In particular, I would like to Thank Robert so much for his hard work. He went over and above to take care of my project. I highly recommend. Thanks!
Richard a. Avatar
Richard a.
- Google
Just our luck, our furnace shut down in the very cold weather on a Friday. The HVAC co were using could not get to us for 6 days, as well as not offering 24/7 emergency response. We called Hurliman Heating first thing Saturday AM and had a tech here shortly thereafter. He replaced our blower unit and the house was warm again. Jerry, the tech, was very professional and did a great job.
Karen T. Avatar
Karen T.
- Google
Hurliman has been excellent every time I've used them. Yesterday Ivan Alonso came to re-start my frozen furnace. He was polite, clear-spoken, friendly, and highly informative. He got my problem solved in a short time and explained everything clearly to me. Superb service. Thank you!
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