8 Reasons Why Your House is So Humid With the AC On

house humid with the ac on

Feeling a sticky, clammy sensation inside your own home is always uncomfortable. But why does it happen even when the air conditioner is running at full blast? 

Experiencing high humidity in a house with the AC running can feel counterintuitive, as we expect our air conditioners to not only cool our homes but also remove excess humidity. 

This post aims to shed light on the reasons why your house may be feeling humid even when it’s being cooled. Of course, understanding the issue is only the first step toward finding a solution. Try to leave the difficult work to HVAC specialists, as they’ll ensure the issue is properly resolved for your comfort!

Why is my house so humid with the AC on?

We’ve gathered the key reasons why you may be experiencing this issue.

  1. An oversized AC unit

If your AC unit is too large for the size of your home, it can actually make your house feel humid. Here’s why: an oversized AC cools the house quickly but doesn’t run long enough to remove moisture from the air.

It’s important to work with a professional to get the right size air conditioner installed.

  1. Inadequate ventilation

Houses need to breathe. If your home isn’t well-ventilated, humidity can build up. This could be the culprit for why it’s humid in the house even with the AC on. It’s like wearing a thick winter coat in the middle of a summer day; you’re going to sweat because heat and moisture can’t escape.

  1. AC system needs servicing

Like any other machine, your AC needs regular service and maintenance. Otherwise, it won’t be able to cool and dehumidify your house effectively, as you’re more likely to experience issues on a regular basis.

  1. External factors

Sometimes, external factors can play a role, too. Live in a humid climate, or have had a recent spell of rainy weather? These can increase indoor humidity levels. Imagine walking into a sauna in a woolen sweater; no matter how cool you were before, you’re going to feel hot and sticky.

  1. Ductwork issues

Problems with your ductwork, such as leaks or poor insulation, can allow humid outside air to enter your home. Unwanted moisture is bound to get in.

  1. Lack of AC use

Not using your AC regularly or only using it at certain times can contribute to higher humidity levels as well.

  1. Old or inefficient AC unit

Older or low-efficiency AC units may not effectively remove moisture from the air, leaving your house feeling humid. Check out our article on the best time to replace an HVAC system.

  1. Incorrect thermostat setting

If your AC is set to ‘ON’ rather than ‘AUTO,’ it could be blowing air even when it’s not in a cooling cycle, potentially increasing humidity levels.

Maintenance and your AC: the key to a cool house

Regular maintenance and upkeep of your AC ensures everything runs smoothly and efficiently. This is especially vital if you’re experiencing a situation where the house feels humid with the AC running.

Let’s explore how maintenance plays a significant role in keeping your house cool:

  • Enhanced efficiency: Just like a well-tuned engine provides optimal fuel efficiency, regular AC maintenance will keep your system operating at peak efficiency. A clean and properly maintained unit doesn’t have to work as hard, saving energy and keeping your home at a comfortable temperature
  • Prevention of major issues: Consider routine maintenance as a regular health check-up for your AC. An HVAC professional can catch minor issues before they escalate into major repairs. This means your AC won’t break down on a hot summer day when you need it the most
  • Airflow improvement: Regularly replacing or cleaning the AC filters can prevent them from getting clogged with dust and debris. This is like removing a blockage from a water pipe; it improves airflow, making it easier for your AC to distribute cool air throughout your house
  • Extension of AC lifespan: Proper maintenance enhances the lifespan of your AC unit, much like regular oil changes prolong the life of your car’s engine. This means you can enjoy the cool comfort of your AC for a longer period before needing to replace it

Regular AC maintenance is an invaluable measure that ensures your home remains cool and comfortable while potentially saving money over time. When it comes to maintenance of any kind, always entrust HVAC experts who have all of the required skills.

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Experiencing high humidity in your house, even with the AC running, is a common problem for homeowners. Understanding what contributes to indoor humidity and practicing routine AC maintenance can significantly enhance home comfort. Just as we take care in maintaining our health and cars properly, so must our AC units if we expect them to function optimally.

We hope this guide has provided you with valuable insight and practical tips to keep your home cool and humidity-free. 

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