Gas Fireplace Cost Guide

gas fireplace cost

Gas fireplaces are an attractive as well as a crucial addition to any home. Besides looking great, they are also critical to keeping your home warm in those harsh winter months. Even though gas fireplaces are considered one of the most energy-efficient ways of heating your home, you should be aware of the expenses involved in all cases. 

And even though it might be a tad difficult to put a concrete number on the board in terms of a gas fireplace installation, we can try to analyze the variables involved and make an informed assumption. In this article, we’ve put together everything you need to know about the pricing of your gas fireplace and the main considerations involved.

Average gas fireplace costs

First, let’s discuss a few common numbers associated with gas fireplaces. While the national average cost for installing a new gas fireplace in the United States is around $4000, it can vary widely from case to case. In most cases, the price range for installing a standard gas fireplace in a standard home would be anywhere between $2700-$15800. 

However, as mentioned, there are several variables at play here. For upscale residences, costs can go up to as much as $300000. This price, however, can be changed based on several considerations, such as fireplace options, types of homes, locations, and more.

Gas fireplace units

Some of the biggest considerations for gas fireplaces are the fireplace style, size, and features – these also directly determine the unit’s price. Other than these, factors like log set quality, reversibility, and premium ignition options can all play a role in determining the final price, which can vary by several thousands of dollars. 

There is a whole world of fireplace styles and sizes to be explored. You can install a complex fireplace that blends with the vibe of your home or go for a simple and sleek design. You can also opt for a premade fireplace design or go with whole personalization to make it just as you envision; the options are truly endless. 

While a basic gas log fireplace can cost only about $350, there is no actual upper limit. Insert fireplaces can be installed within $600-$2000, but larger and substantially grander fireplace options like island or peninsula fireplaces alone can cost anywhere between $5000-$12000 to install. The key idea is to not blow your entire budget on the fireplace itself, as there are several other costs associated with the process. 

Gas line costs

Every new gas fireplace unit will require a new gas line to supply fuel. The main determining factor here is the line length, which can determine the price, from a few hundred to even a few thousand dollars. 

Framing and finishing

This is the stage where form takes over the functionality of a gas fireplace unit. The framing and finishing of your gas fireplace will ultimately determine what the unit will look like after installation. Prices can vary widely here, depending on how fancy you would want to get. 

While a clean flush installation will incur minimal costs, a complete masonry hearth-covered fireplace insert will likely cost much more. For fireplaces, the customization options are overwhelmingly vast and add much to their overall appeal. So, depending on your desired final look, your budget will match the framing and finish work required to achieve the said look. 

Vented vs vent-free fireplaces

Another major consideration is determining whether you’d want to install a vented or a vent-free fireplace in your home. 

Vent-free installations

Vent-free fireplaces are naturally more cost-effective as it does not require specialized vent pipes. If you’re remodeling on a budget or even want a new fireplace installed, a vent-free installation will set you back anywhere between $2000-$3500. However, the caveat here is the local permit. Not all areas can have vent-free fireplaces installed, so be sure to check the local regulations before deciding. 

Vented installations

On the other hand, vented fireplaces will require a venting pipe that adds to the overall installation costs as it adds material as well as labor charges. Home advisor suggests that the average installation cost of vented fireplaces ranges between $3500-$7500. 

Keep in mind that it is easier to access the roof, the attic space, or the walls in the case of a newly installed vented fireplace than while working with a preinstalled one. This is why it is often cheaper to install vented fireplaces anew than to remodel an existing unit. 

Local permits

Each state in the US has a set of different laws when it comes to installing home fireplaces. Some states will require you to get permits before installation begins. In most cases, permit fees will range between $100-$400 depending on the state you are in, the type of installation you are after, and the type of permits required. 

While not every state charges a permit fee, it is important to check your local guidelines just to be sure. This is especially the case when you need an extended gas line or install a vent-free fireplace. 

Extraneous factors

This only covers the installation part of the story. There are three more things to consider when calculating the lifetime costs of fireplaces. 

Regular maintenance

Regular checks and maintenance of the fireplace can keep repair and upkeep costs down and add many years to your fireplace unit. It is critical that seasoned and certified technicians perform seasonal servicing that keeps your fireplace going and your warranties intact.  

Affordable replacements

Certified technicians do more than just maintain your gas fireplace. They can guide you through every step so that you get the most out of your dollars spent. You can also avail of affordable replacement owing to their detailed knowledge of cost and energy efficiency combined with the vast knowledge of different fireplace types. 

Quick repairs

An HVAC company that recognizes the importance of inspections and maintenance is essential to keeping your fireplace costs down. Timely repairs are also crucial; not only do they stop your home from being uncomfortably cold, but they also extend the lifespan of your unit. 

Knowing what you need is the best place to start while gauging the expenses behind your fireplace. Moreover, replacements, repairs, and maintenance costs keep adding to the total cost of a fireplace. This makes fireplace maintenance as important as the installation process to optimize overall costs.

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