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Commercial Planned Maintenance in Spokane, Washington

Keep your business place comfortable. Control your indoor climate no matter what’s happening with the outdoors. Ensure your customers and employees are always at ease and in their best state of mind. We provide commercial planned HVAC maintenance in the Spokane Valley area to help you stay on top of things.

About Planned HVAC Maintenance Service

There's no doubt that quality air means comfort. Dry air makes the throat feel rough and causes you to sweat. Moist air, on the other hand, can make you feel sick. While none of this is preferable for a business environment, how can you maintain a comfortable temperature? 

Seasons change. But it’s essential to create a consistent, relaxing feel in your business place. Having a solid HVAC system in your company can help you break the summer and winter periods.

Create a more comfortable and productive environment

Without a functioning unit installed in your business premises, employees and customers might be tempted to go somewhere else that’s more comfortable. You don’t want this to happen.

Poor ventilation has a way of ruining productivity. It can cause customer dissatisfaction, which in return, affects your business profitability. Properly installing and maintaining an HVAC unit in your commercial building can solve these problems.

Other complications, such as the growth of allergens or the spread of pollutants, come from improper maintenance. And frankly, a lot of companies don’t service their unit for years after installation. They then end up spending more on repairs or acquiring a new unit.

Planned maintenance helps you spend less on air conditioning maintenance

An HVAC system could last for 15-25 years if properly installed and maintained. If your unit develops faults before its natural lifespan, then that’s a sign of poor maintenance or installation. When companies avoid air conditioning maintenance, they end up spending more on repairs or buying a new one.

At Hurliman, we want your business to feel welcoming and healthy for everyone who walks in — employees and customers. To make that happen, we offer commercial HVAC maintenance plans. This is to help you make the most of your time and business resources.

We have qualified experts on our team and guarantee you professional service delivery. We listen to your needs and offer honest solutions to restore comfort in your indoor environment. We have a streamlined process to make our planned HVAC maintenance service seamless, fast, and reliable.

Our Planned HVAC Maintenance Process

Contact us for a free consultation 

When you contact us, you’re reaching out to reliable and quality service providers of HVAC maintenance. We’ll start with a proper assessment of your unit and give you a walkthrough of the maintenance requirements. We also provide unique professional advice that will profit your business.

Schedule an appointment with our team

Your business is important to us. While you attend to pressing needs during working hours, you can schedule an appointment with us in your free time. We have emergency plumbers and HVAC maintenance teams dedicated to responding to your immediate needs.

Access our streamlined and effortless process 

At Hurliman, we pride ourselves on having the most experienced professional team who are deeply committed to providing satisfying services. They are equally trained in delivering high-quality results while maintaining a professional stance. 

Tell us how we can serve you better 

We always love to know what you think. Over the 66 years of our existence, our services improved consistently because of our customer reviews. This has helped us develop better ways to serve your needs. Were you pleased with our services? Is there an area that requires improvement? Every feedback from you is significant.

Why Hurliman Heating & Air Conditioning?
Top 3 Reasons
  • Highly Competitive Pay

    We offer competitive wages to give you the comfort and security you're looking for in employment along with performance bonuses and a clear path for wage growth!

  • Our Seasoned Experience

    For over 66 years, we’ve provided top-quality heating and air conditioning installation and repair services. This has allowed us to develop a rock-solid system for consistently thrilling our customers with solutions that work at great prices.

  • Our Top-Quality Service

    When you get a Spokane HVAC-related installation, repair, maintenance, or inspection service from Hurliman, you get a solution that will stand the test of time. Our goal is to deliver a level of service that thrills you so much you just have to tell someone about it.

Signs You Need Commercial HVAC Maintenance Service

Have you sensed a change in the atmosphere of your working place? These questions will help you know if you require HVAC or air conditioning maintenance.

Changes in airflow

An environment with irregular air quality can affect productivity. Your business may suffer a decline in profitability. If you have noticed changes in the airflow, it signifies the need for immediate maintenance. Call us now for a free consultation. 

It’s been a long time

When last did you service your HVAC system? Experts recommend you have it checked by a professional once or twice a year. If it's been up to a year or longer, no worries. You can still avoid complications from disrupting your company’s comfort. We provide a reliable maintenance service that keeps your system up and running. Reach out to us now. 

Decreased efficiency

If you have noticed your unit isn’t efficient as before, it needs urgent attention from an expert. Signs such as an increase in utility bills insufficient airflow are common indicators of reduced HVAC efficiency. 

Unusual sounds from your system 

Creaky or loud noises from your unit signify the presence of a fault. If not attended to, it can result in the breakdown of a part or even the entire HVAC system. Schedule an appointment with one of our professionals to determine the root cause of the system and get fast air conditioner maintenance near you. 

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    “I have been using Hurliman for years now, I have called them about issues I am having and had their guys call me and show up many times after hours. They have always had amazing customer service from the office to the service, and install guys. Hurliman will always be my first call when having any issues or a new install.”

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